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Mindful Eating

31 Dec

Mindful Eating

In our culture today, we have moved away from the art of mindful eating.  I feel that something special has been lost. We tend to think of food as rocket fuel. We fuel up and and then shoot off fast into our next task, meeting, class, project, run to catch a bus, flight ect…..but did we really stop to taste and connect to the food we were eating? Are we fully smelling, tasting, touching and really looking and admiring our meal. Probably not. We lead such busy lives that we often don’t take the time. I like to think that if we eat in a mindful way, we will create a sacred connection to the food we eat. Maybe this will enhance digestion,  improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients or even create balance in all of body’s systems without the tendency to overeat. If we are what we eat, then wouldn’t we want to eat pure, nourishing foods instead of junky snack foods or “fast” foods? When we eat mindfully, we become our food. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and see what you notice. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Practice gratitude – being grateful for where your food has come from, the person who prepared it (maybe even you!)
  2. Engage all the 5 senses : sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell while eating. Notice how each bite smells, the texture as you chew, all the colorful sights contained in the meal, how the food feels, how each bite tastes, all the flavor combinations it has and how it sounds as you bite into the food
  3. Take the time to really chew rather than chewing really fast and swallowing. Let go of “autopilot” patterns of eating.
  4. Eat in silence. Let go of talking on the cell phone while eating, watching TV and excessive conversations with table mates. If engaging in conversations, sticking to topics that are uplifting rather than sharing complaints or negative topics.
  5. Make positive and healthy food choices. Even just knowing that you are eating something healthy can elevate your mood and empower you while eating.
  6. Breathe between mouthfuls. This can help you to slow down and take in more oxygen and help to absorb nourishment from the food.

Happy mindful eating!


photo by pinelife on flickr.com