My name is Jasmine and I love to cook – without the use of cookbooks and recipes! I do love cookbooks and don’t have anything against using them, it’s just not my forte. I love the pictures in cookbooks and descriptions of food. For myself,  following a recipe can be disappointing because it doesn’t turn out to what I expect it to, or taste what I think it should. So, I started to cook in a way that was more intuitive and began to follow my nose. I really engage my sense of smell when I cook, adding the appropriate spices until it smells exotic and appealing.  Then I will taste test it to double check the flavor. I have been a vegetarian for many years now, and my passion is creating and cooking dishes that are hip, healthy, nourishing and healing for the body and soul.  I am inspired to guide you in healthy eating, living a healthy lifestyle and opening you up to cook from the heart. Being adventurous and bold in the kitchen will lead you to new, exotic and sensuous flavors and unexplored delectable feasts. I look forward to our journey together. Let’s begin!


photo by ~fb~ from flickr.com